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Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Run in the Cold

Tonight I did a 10 mile (16 km) run in the cold 2 C (35 F).

This was my longest run without regular walk breaks, I had one walk break to have a gel. This was two 5 mile loops one before running club and then at the running club. The loops were the same apart from being anti-clockwise and then clockwise both had a couple of decent hills.

I had a few layers on, with only my head, hands and forearms being single layered.

The pace I was doing how I felt and then trying to keep up with some other people. By the last few miles I was struggling to keep up and I was feeling the effects of the pace.

After I had finished I saw the highway road gritters were out spreading the rock salt or whatever they use.

This was my last long run before the half marathon on Sunday. As I have a marathon just a few weeks after this I will be taking it at an easy pace just to build up my endurance and will be using the run/walk method that I used a month ago at Dublin Marathon but with increased run time and hopefully run the last few miles without any walk breaks.

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