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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Basingstoke Run4Fun 5km

This evening I took part in the Run4Fun 5km in Basingstoke.

It is a charity fun run 5km (2.91 miles on my GPS) around a sports complex mostly on grass apart from about 400m on the athletics track.

Strangely when I got out my car and there were two people walking towards me with Ipswich tops on (black away kit, 3rd choice) and I am over 200 miles away from Ipswich.

I did a bit over 1 mile warm up and down before the event, plus did my own stretches while they were going through a 10 minute+ warmup session.

I went off a pace I felt comfortable with while others sprinted off most stopped within 200m.

The first mile was 8:03 and the second was 8:05, the last mile pace would have been 6:55. I was picking up the pace within the last half mile and when I got on the track for the last 300m I picked it up even further. On my GPS I peaked at 16.4 mph (26.4 kmph) while running!!!

I finished it in 22:28 which I was pleased with after doing no speedwork over the last few months and a few days ago doing 22m XC.

It is one of the better goody bags around, as it sponsored by a local hair care company. So you got Tresemme shampoo, conditioner and sprey gel, a hat in a bag (water proof hat the expands from about the size of bottom of a mug but less then 1 cm high until it springs open), plus a bottle of water and a medal.

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