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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weekly Update

This week I did 5 1/5 hours of training with 85% being running and 15% swimming.

The running time did include a long run which was done on an evening during mid week. Although after this run I had a couple of rest days as my muscles felt tired.


johnno7 said...

hi i too am doing ironman france this is my first ever , been doing tri for about 3 years now. My training isnt going great this week due to back problems. Your the only person i have seen on the net doing this. Im 43 and a bit well nervous to say the least im up to 2miles swim 10 to 15 runs and about 4 hours a week bike.

Mark said...

Johnno, there are nearly 50 of us Pirates competing in this event.
This is only my 2nd Ironman but my tip would be do more cycling which I did not do and no cycling this year as well, doh!!
As you spend most of the time on the bike.