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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Power of 10 Cycle Rides

In one week I did a 100km, 100mile and 10 mile cycle rides!!

The 100km (62 miles) ride was in the north suffolk area. It had a few undulations and nice towns that I had not been through before. The day was warm and sunny, so a nice day for cycling apart fro when going past the country pubs where people were drinking ice cold drinks. A couple of days later I drove back to one of these pubs for a nice pub lunch, apart from the food was wondering about free range style. Only the last 15 miles were a struggle due to the 5c drop in temperature and the cool north sea winds. In the end it took me a bit under 4 hours and slightly above 15 mph. The average cadence was 65 rpm which was fairly high for me but needs to be higher.

Then a couple of days later I did an easy 10 mile bike ride to a cake stop and back. That was a tough ride.

Then the next day I did a 100 mile cycle ride, I was planning to do a 100 mile cycle event the following day but the forecasted weather conditions was poor. So I decided to do it a day early on a different route.
I went about 40 miles along the North Sea coast in Norfolk. What concerned me was the number of inclines and the amount of chip shops, cafes and ice cream shops when going through the few tourist towns. So on the way back I decided to go route further inland to avoid them but was on a minor A road. It was a warm day but I had ran out of drinks about 60 miles in but there was no obvious places that sold drinks about 15 miles later there was a petrol station. I got two sports drinks to put in my drinks bottles and another cola drink for me to have immediately with a salted packet of crisps. That kept me going to the end but it was a good test of my nutrition for the bike which I learnt a few things. In under 7 hours at an average of just under 15 mph with an average cadence of 67 rpm. I was pleased with the nutrition things I learnt on the bike while maintaining my cadence.

The next day the weather was poor but not as bad as predicted but I was still glad I did the ride the previous day as to simulate the likely weather conditions for the first ironman.

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