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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bala Chip Report

As the World Cup had started and England were playing the day before the Bala Triathlon, I had to have the traditional football food of chips!!

So to mix it up a bit I went to the normal post Bala chips shop as it was on the way to the hotel. It was not up to the usual standards the staff on the till could not use the till, the chips were a bit crispy and even had some black bits of potato in them. However they turned it around with a big spam fritter that was freshly cooked to order, which made it ok in the end. The match was not that great either.

The next day after the triathlon to go the sodium back in to my body I had a box of chips (with salt and vinegar), this was the option from the chip shop in Bala high street. The box of chips was the middle size option and they were squazzed in to a burger box so you had to be a bit careful when you opened it so they did not drop out, I dropped one ;-(
They were nice tasting, a bit crispy but ok and just about enough size wise after the various sports recovery drinks I had.

Box of Chips


Slodge said...

The chip shop on Bala high street??? You traitor!

Mark said...

It got a good review from my brother who had some while I was out on the bike.

I only had two lots of chips in 24 hours include one lot at the usual place, I was just expanded my culinary knowledge.