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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Last Long Run before the Marathon

This week I did my last long run before the marathon which was a massive 6 miles!!!

I was using the new run/walk method which is prepective about how many minutes to do both from the start. Which means I will start walking within the first half a mile of the marathon, that's going to take a bit or nerve to do.

Due to no sound from my GPS watch I will be using a referee watch that as the functionality of the multiple countdown timers it also has a vibration mode which means that I will feel it as in some places on the course you may not hear any sound.

The walking breaks apart form the hopefully muscle/endurance benefits also would allow me to get the require nutrition and make any adjustments to my kit without losing any more time.

My leg muscles felt a lot better using this method than just running, which during the week started after 3 miles.

The two issues I had was part of my new tri belt broke after only using it for 1 hour. Also I had a overlap on one of my socks which started to rub.

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