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Monday, February 06, 2012

Hawaiian Loco Moco

I saw this Hawaiian Loco Moco mentioned on the new series of Hawaii five-o last night, after a quick google I thought I would give a try today.

It is rice in the middle, with a burger on top of that, then a fried egg at the top. The gravy is poured on the egg and around the edge of the rice. It tasted really great and will definitely make it again.

Nutritionally it is fairly good for me as has carbs, some fat, with protein from two sources including omega 3 and the amino acids from the egg. To make it more nutritious the rice could be brown rice, there could be some vegetables in with the rice and/or the burger could be a meat free type.
Hawaiian Loco Moco


Steve said...

What kind of gravy did you use Mark?

Mark said...

It took the easy option an used instant gravy granules made thicker than the instructions.

Looking at the photo it appears that I did not mix it up enough but was steaming hot.