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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Norwich Half Marathon

Last weekend I did the Norwich Half Marathon. It was very cool and kept dry for the race although it had rained over night. The two lap course was based on the county showground. I was using run/walk method although increasing the run lengths to 6 minutes and at a fast pace, which I estimate about 9 minute mile pace.

Despite being 200 miles were I live there was another runner from a local club just 15 miles away. I was chatting to him as I went round as we yo-yo passed each other due to my run/walk breaks. In the end he was just ahead of me at the finish. I ended up completing it in 2:10 which was pleased with due to the lack of training for this event. My calf's were aching and cramping at the but I could not stop due to the kit I was wearing,

As it was just a week before the big local "old farm" derby I decided to wear my Ipswich Town football shirt and hat, which I got a few comments as I went round.

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