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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rother Valley Tri

On Sunday I took part in the Rother Valley Triathlon.

I started of cool with a bit of light rain before the start but it stopped a few minutes from the start of the event. This swim I was quite pleased with as I felt ok the only problem was my sighting and therefore ended up doing a few zig zags instead of a straight line to buoys. My swim time for 1500m including transition was 34:56.

As it had rained earlier my cycle top was already wet but at least it was a long sleeve top. It was only 13C (55 F). My legs were still aching from the previous days cycling that was before I got to the hills on this route. So I decided to take it really easy so I could have a good run, it was also wet and cold on the cycle. In the end I did the 40km in 2 hours 1 minute. I was not pacing myself as I went round but concentrated on getting the nutrition timed right.

On the 10km run I felt strong all the way round and I felt I kept my pace all the way, I even had enough energy in the last 500m to catchup and overtake somebody. I did the run in 55 minutes and a total of 3 hours 31 minutes.

I was not using this as race event but a training session in particular the swim and cycle nutrition.

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