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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bala Triathlon

Last Sunday I did the Bala Middle Distance Triathlon which is in the Snowdonia area of Wales, it was a 2km swim, 82k cycle and a 20km run.

My swim time (includes T1) was 8 minutes quicker than last year, mostly swim improvement plus a bit quicker in T1. I also managed to not zig zag that much on the outward leg but I found it a bit harder sight the exit on the way back. I even had some people try to swim over me as I was getting to the shallow bit at the swim exit. It was a 1km out and back loop which in a lake that is 6.4km long and 1.6km wide (from Wikipedia ) it explains why it is harder to spot the bank on the way back or the buoys.

After about 1 mile in the cycle I realised that I had forgot to put on my cycle gloves!! I did not want to push to hard on the cycle this close to Nice so I took it a bit easy and concentrated on getting the nutrition while on the bike. I also think one of my cycle shoes is not setup right as I was getting a pain in the outside of the knee when going up hills. I will need to adjust these . In the end I was 35 minutes slower than last year but it was on a few km longer and tougher/hillier route.

The run I felt better on the run as I got the cycle nutrition right this time. I had also taken some gels on the run as sports drink which I was glad of in the heat. I felt I had a strong run up and down all the hills but I was 3 minutes slower than last year.

Overall I did it in 6:13 which is nearly 40 minutes slower than last year, however I was just glad I made it round in the 30c heat and do a long training session.

The other thing I learnt for Nice was to put a lot more sun lotion on, as I have some nice burnt arms and shoulders.

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