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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Swim in April

At the weekend I did my first lake swim of the year :-)

I was thinking about turning back as my car temperature sensor displayed 1C (33F) on the drive down to the lake. However I carried on down to the lake. When I was getting in to my wetsuit the people who had already been for a swim were coming back saying it was cold and they only did 2 laps.

As the grass by lake was already cold I think that helped the transition in to the lake. Surprising my hands and feet were not that cold after the initial shock, the problem was getting my face in the water for more than 5 strokes!! The water soo cold on my face it was taking my breathe away and I was reverting to breaststroke or doggy paddle, I think that affect my GPS data.

The lake is a small lake so I thought it would have warmed up more, they had the lap as 250m. I somehow managed 3 laps in under 30 minutes, not concerned about the speed but I made it. My stroke felt good for the few strokes I managed with my head in the water.

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