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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Busy Saturday

This week I had a busy Saturday exercising.

First thing I did an undulating 24 mile bike road averaging 15.5 mph just in time to do a 5km run. I finished 14th in a time just over 23 minutes but I could not go any quicker due to my muscles fatigued from the fast cycle ride. I then did over a mile recovery run and walk before fuelling up for the next lot of exercise with a tea and bacon roll.

I then did a 20 mile cycle ride at an easier pace stopping at a local shop to get another drink and white chocolate chip and raspberry cookie (it tasted so good). I then did an undulating 18.25 mile cycle time trial, I had done about 4 hours of exercise by this point and the others turned up with their bike in the cars. I was 12th (last) but I managed an average speed of 17.98mph!! This was a good fast pace for me even before all the exercise.

Before leaving the TT registration area I bought a bottle of regular cola from the kebab van at the end of the lay-by as I was out of drinks and dehydrated. Then it was a nice gentle 11 mile cycle ride home for a well deserved rest and food and drinks.

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