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Monday, August 29, 2011

Training Sprint Triathlon

At the weekend I did a sprint triathlon in training which was made up of the following with a few minutes between each.

400m Swim
10 Miles (16km) Cycle
5km (3.1 mile) Run

A few miles cycling before afterwards this was all done before 10am!!

The swim was at reasonable pace but was limited to being in a 20m pools with a few other people at a slower pace. I was able to maintain the pace and was not fatigued at the end.

The cycle was around the town to get to run on time. This was on my "B" bike so there was more resistance due to the weight and aerodynamics plus a ruck sack on my back. This made the inclines a bit tougher as the bike has standard pedals and not clipped in.

The run was a parkrun 5km, it was the first time I had been to this venue for a couple of months. I decided to go for a fast run at the start although there was a few people at the front who obviously should not have been there. I went off fast and was able to hold on the pace apart from the two main inclines on the route. At the end I was only 25 seconds away from my course PB and was my quickest there this year.

This was a good training session I may do this again.

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