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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Outlaw 2011 - Post Race Review

Just looking at my race times and race report and how I felt I needed to more distance training. That is backed up my by pre race training log which was shorter sessions and less build up races than normal.

Below is my comparing my times to last year which only part of the bike course is different which now had a 12% incline on each lap.

My swim was 32 seconds quicker, which is less than 1 second per 100m but at least it is going in the right direction. I think the pilates sessions has helped my posture to better maintain a streamlined swim position and aero position on the bike.

It all went pair shaped from then on, in comparison. My overall time was about 70 minutes longer with the bulk of this on run taking over 60 minutes longer. The bike was 8 minutes longer which is not bad due to the course change and lack of training. My T1 and T2 times needed improving before but this time even more, T1 was only a few seconds longer but my T2 was double the previous year.

From this I need to do some more mental training when fatigued, this is based on the time to make decisions in transition.

I thought my weight was more this year but looking at my records I was actually nearly 3lb (0.2 Kg) less but my % body fat was 2.5% higher. This means I had less muscle to body weight ratio. So I think I need to do more weights at the gym and regularly and not the ad-hoc I was doing in the months beforehand.

Data analysis from GPS


From the bike the mile splits for the section to the laps you can see that most of the miles are faster than the average speed of 15.8 mph with only a few slower miles due to undulations.

Outlaw Cycle 1M Split speed
After the mile with the hill the average went down to 11mph there was four consecutive miles over 20 mph averages with one of them averaging more than 24 mph, then the pace slowed down. The laps can be identified by the two sets of fast miles at the start and end, with the start of the lap being a few miles before this and the hill the speed deep 2 miles before this. The average speed of the sets of faster sections was reducing but still way above the average speed. The slow mile at the hill got slower until the last lap when it was close to the fast lap due to being near the end and got an energy boost. Most of the last ten miles were slower than the average due to fatigue but not helped due to the wind, undulations and poor road conditions.


Outlaw Run 1M Split pace

On the run mile splits the first 15 miles I would say are generally marathon pace allowing longer times if two aid stations, toilet break and retying shoe laces. It then gradually increases until mile 23 is twice the pace of the first mile. After mile 23 the pace slightly reduces mainly due to I knew I was the last part of the race around the lake and can see and hear the finish. The last part of a mile may not be accurate as I cannot remember if I stopped my watch as I crossed the finish line.

Outlaw Run 10km Split pace
From the 10km splits the first two 10km were at about 65 minute pace, the third 10km was at about 88 minutes, the fourth 10km was at 108 minutes with the last few km at slightly slower pace.


So in addition to the longer individual training sessions it would be beneficial to do some long brick sessions. The run was on a flat course so running on a undulating route and also mix terrain would be helpful.

With more longer sessions and build up races I could also try out my bike and run nutrition more times and to the same plan which would be helpful to know before the race.

Also some weight loss and more gym work would provide additional benefits.

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