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Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Weeks Exercise

Today I just did 4:57 of exercise in two back to back brick sessions!!

First was a short fast cycle followed by an easy pace 10 mile run on an undulating route which averaged under 10 min/mile pace. I then cycled over to a league cross country race. However by 2.5 miles in to the 5.5 mile race my leg muscles had gone and I had to walk up each incline plus my new running shoes were muddy!! I had a plateful of post race cakes and a cup of tea to give me energy for the cycle back but was an average of 3 mph slower than my normal pace.

This week I have done 15 hours of exercise with a total of 80 miles. Which was the following breakdown by time.

35% Running
30% Cycling
20% Cross training
10% Walking
5% Swimming

There is a good mixture of type of training but need a few more swim sessions. This next week I suspect the overall time may be less but the main goal this week is a LSR of about 15 miles.

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