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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mablethorpe Half Marathon

Back in October I took part in the Mablethorpe half marathon as part of marathon training. I did think about doing there marathon as training for another marathon but decided against it based on the timings between races.

Before the races I was planning to do 7 miles to make it a 20 mile run. However due to the poor weather conditions of some light rain and fairly windy I did 5 and a bit running through the mablethorpe town and back along the section I thought would be the last few miles of the run along the promenade.

So a quick change it to race gear before the start but keeping the water proof. We started in Sherwood Fields in Sherwood Road :-) Photos are from the day afterwards.

Mablethorpe Half Marthon

Mablethorpe Half Marthon

After a few miles winding through the side streets of the town I was getting a bit so I decided to give my jacket to my brother who was there. I still had a long sleeve top on and a couple of other layers but I did not realise that we would be heading straight into the wind along a road which was very open to the elements. For some reason instead of keeping the pace steady and sheltering behind other runners I was over taking a lot and leading the groups!!

By the time we had reached the furthest point and started heading back at about 10 miles I somehow picked up the pace for each mile increasing all the way and ended across the field to the finish in an almost sprint!!

Mablethorpe Half Marthon

I was pleased with the time of 1:56 especially after already doing 5 miles. As a warm down I ran the 1 mile back to the accommodation which made it a 20 mile run which was the goal.

Then part of a balanced recovery food I had an XL All the Meats pizza, mmm.
Mablethorpe Half Marthon

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