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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Watching a Football Match

I went to watch a game at reading fc but despite only living less then 15 miles away I decided to use 3 modes of transport each way, due to likely traffic issues due to volume and roadworks. I did think about cycling there but I do not have lights and it would be dark after the game.

So instead I settled on driving to a local village railway station, while there I got something from the bakery. Then at the other end as it was a nice day I decided to walk the 3 miles to the ground. I did stop for supplies at a petrol station to ensure I was suitably fuelled to watch a game. The last 2 miles are the end of the Reading Half Marathon which it was nice not to be struggling at this point casually walking along listening to the radio.

At the ground I resisted having any burger and chips but I did have a couple of drinks that sponsored the stand.

As the temperature had dropped and sitting for a while I was starting to get a bit cold by the end of the match and I thought getting on a crammed bus would not help. So on the walk on the way back in the dark I picked up my walking pace and soon got warm. I did stop at a shop for drink near the railway station as I was a bit warmer by now. I still had to sprint up and down some steps at the railway station as the train was pulling in as I get there, I did make it though.

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