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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cross Country League Race 1 - Datchet Dashers XC

Today was the start of the Cross Country League that our club is in which was hosted by Datchet Dashers in Windsor.

When I got there I did not start well as I snapped one of my laces. So I had to use the old trainers that I drove there in.

The start was a loop around on the grass was a bit wet and busy as there is over 200 people taking part. It then goes along a footpath just wide enough for at most two people. So I went of faster on the grass section and dodgy in and out to get better position for the path.

When the first mile split was displayed on my GPS it was 7:40 min/mile which was over 2:30min.mile quicker than the marathon I did just two weeks ago. I decided to see how long I could keep the pace up as I was in a higher position within my club than normal. My pace gradually over the miles slowed down until the last mile which it then picked up. It was a bit slippery underfoot but it was relatively flat course.

On my GPS it was 5.89 miles and I did it in 46:06. I was pleased with this time as it was faster then expected and I was able to keep the pace up for the race distance. This is the longest race out of the serious but the others have a few more hills in them.

I did try some of the cakes and sandwiches afterwards, just to help my muscles recover before the walk back to the car.

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