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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ipswich Half Marathon in August 09

Just a week after completing the Eireman I took part in Ipswich half Marathon.

This started and finished on athletics track, I did not know there was one in Ipswich.

The start was over 1/2 mile from the race HQ so I just about got there in time for the start. I was just planning to get round in about 2:10 (10 minute mile pace), so I set of a steady pace. However after 3 miles my brother overtook me but I had no muscle power to respond. I was expecting it to be flat but there was a quite few undulations all the way around the course.

for the next few miles I could see my brother about 200m ahead of me. However gradually I was catching him up and overtook him at 8 miles. From there on I did not look back but he could easily see me as I was wearing my dayglow Eireman t-shirt. When I got past 10 miles I picked up the pace slightly and then again at about 12 miles. I still had enough energy for a good sprint on the track. Which I completed it in under 2:05 which I was pleased with due to the race the previous week.

I only knew about 1 mile of the course which was through the main shopping street.

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