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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just the 5 training exercises today

Today I just the 5 training exercises!!!

They where all under 30 minutes but were in combination mainly due to taking my commuting bicycle to the shop to get its gears adjusted.

Firstly there was a just over 20 minute cycle ride to the shop with the middle gears not operating correctly. Then I ran 2 miles (3.2 km) to work with a full ruck sack on my back, with the first half of the run being uphill. Despite this I had a fast mile split on my GPS which I was pleasantly surprised with. So this was quite a good brick session for me despite it being short it still got the change in leg muscles.

Then later I ran back (without the ruck sack) and was over 1 minute quicker. Then I cycled the same route back to work at a reasonable pace using all the now functioning gears.

On the commute back from work I did an extra 2 mile (3.2 Km) loop near the end of the route.

I think these short cycle rides on a different bicycle have helped my bike control as I am going on different surfaces of cycle paths that I would normally use on my racing bike. The short run surprised me about the pace but it felt ok. Due to cycling and running I also used my training tri suit with a few other layers on my torso due to the cold. This was good as I have tried it out before my first tri this year on Sunday.

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