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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marathon Week 3 of 4

Week 3 and last week of training was a few high mileage days.

Monday was a nice 10 miler at night.

On Wednesday morning I did a 15 mile run before breakfast. Then straight on to a double gym classes followed by a light gym and swim with a aqua jog to relax. After some food and powernap I then did a 15 mile run at night with the last 5 miles being a fartlek session. The last few miles were particular tough but I made it through the session.

On the Saturday I did a Parkrun 5km up north at a new venue for me. It was a bit icy at the start and finish but still managed a fast time for me and beat my brother by 6 minutes. We then went on to 2 hours at the gym/pool, my muscles were aching for the next few days.

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