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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review from 2015 races

From the Ironman and Treble Marathon I did during the year there were a few things that need to be addressed.

I need to lose some weight as not helping with the endurance events I completed.

To review the course more, even if it is in a flat location double check there are no hills.

The weather conditions I prefer the warm weather such as at the ironman but not the wet and cold as in Dublin. So I need to do more of these cold runs, possibly with different kit options to help me.

As the distances and events had different nutrition I felt I coped with them well apart from on the Ironman run which I could not stomach any gels perhaps due to the amount of drink (salts and energy) on the bike as it was hot.

Pacing on the longer events when there is subsequent part to follow or the next day I need to improve on, single events my pacing is pretty good.

As part of my training I need to do other sessions such as weights and cross training such as cycling when doing running phase of training.

My logistics from driving to Netherlands and the Treble marathon were all great (99%) with only a minor item missing from each event. This included taking al the possible kit needed for the ironman and having multiple race kits packed for the Treble luckily including long sleeves and waterproof jacket.

The importance of recovery was placed particularly on the Treble where I had to physically recover as much as I could and also drive me to the next venue. This also includes adequate sleep in the build up plus as much sleep as I can get between the events, even a quick nap on the short flight to Dublin helped.

Lastly but not least the support I got from other runners and the spectators at these races were great and gave you encouragement when starting to struggle. This was the same from the middle of Ireland at Athlone Middle Distance Triathlon, Ironman Netherlands from the multi language of triathletes and supporters to the Treble marathons. Without these I would have not finished the Treble.

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