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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Great Railway Run 25km

This was run a nice 25km (15.6 miles) run from Cork (Ireland) along the former railway line (now a pathway) next to the coast to Carrigaline. There was a 5km and 10km run but as I had traveled all that way I had to do longer run really after doing a 5km parkrun the previous day.

I thought this would be a nice way of sightseeing and took a camera as I was taking it easy, all I had to do was finish to set a PB.

The start was in the edge of industrial estate with a registration tent on the grass.

101120131497 101120131499 101120131496

After about 1km we were on the footpath next to the river.

101120131500 101120131502 101120131504

It was still a bit cold after a few miles but was of the beaten track for normal sightseeing. God knows why I was running it.


Castle on edge of river.

101120131507 DSC_0641

Then along the path again.

101120131509 101120131512 101120131511

Even the locals were giving us a strange look.


Bridge of the estuary.

101120131515 101120131516

They had used a former railway platform as a drinks stand.


You then headed along the road a bit before joining the footpath again.

101120131522 101120131523 101120131528

The weather was ok up to this point, almost tropical for the area. Although there was plenty of places you can go to from here.


Then after about 45 minutes the rain started and did not stop until after I had finished nearly 2 hours and about 100 photos later.

101120131540 101120131542 101120131543

By the time I got to the hillier section at about 10 miles I was soaked through.

101120131547 101120131550 101120131555 101120131554

The final section there was a few villages that we ran through. Had to stop at depiction of the town were I first started running when an adult.

101120131558 101120131560

I was tempted to buy some Irish Tatoes but still had a few miles to run in the rain.

101120131562 101120131563 101120131568 101120131572 101120131576

I was counting the miles (km) down to the finish at this point.

101120131556 101120131570 101120131575

The final straight to finish and then in the dry.

101120131578 101120131583 101120131584

I finished it in 2:30:56.


By the time I had finished I would have been drier swimming but I set a PB!!


It took a few cups of tea and sandwiches which they provided in the sports hall to warm up.

101120131593 101120131595 101120131596 101120131597

It was a good race with not to many hills but with the expected weather in Ireland in October.

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