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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back posting again

Finally back blogging.

After my first ever DNF at Ironman Wales last year I was not a happy person for over a week. So within a month I had entered another Ironman then last month I entered another long distance triathlon just 7 weeks after the first this year.

After last years issues I have learnt from my mistakes and have bought a Ironman training plan which has been going well apart from the cold and snow that we have been having in the UK for the last month or more. In this time I have done a few parkrun's, a 10 mile race and and a half marathon with the my pace and endurance is improving at the end of these runs.

The only problem is the lack of cycling outside due to the weather conditions, so I booked a week at a Spanish sports resort. Typically this was windy than normal and also rained a lot more than normal, this meant we could not do much long distance rides due to safety mainly on the descents back to the resort. However learnt some more details about part of the Ironman location their and bike handling, plus some more drills and technique improvements for both swimming and running. I also took part in an aquathon and half marathon they organised there which happened to be on a wet and windy day. In between sessions I also did 4 hour stretch (yoga, pilates or stretch) sessions in the sunshine and wind.

In the end I learnt a bit more things about my training and main Ironman event but not as much cycling as would have liked but my training is not peaking for another 2 months yet.

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